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Hello there and thank you for stopping by this post! I’m Suleigha Winkel and I have a strong devotion to fashion, storytelling and all things timeless. My style is a mix of elegant and classic. I love to pair designer pieces with more economical fashion. I’m all about spending wisely and investing in classic pieces that will stay in your closet forever.I started this blog as a creative outlet to share my passion for fashion, health and my journey on how to be your best self. My love for fashion began several years ago when I went to Paris and met allot of inspiring artists and lovers of life.It has always been my quest to be the best version of myself. The conscious woman. The will to believe in yourself again, to take care of yourself and to be the best version of yourself. Currently my partner Vernon Fredison and I own our own a Fashion Consultancy and lifestyle Brand based in Suriname. I also have a degree in Film which I use to write and produce movies. I’m blessed to be able to express myself creatively through fashion and storytelling for my clients. And now I’m happy to share my passion for fashion and all things timeless with you. Enjoy the website and also the blog.

With Love,

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